Since 1986    |    360 Missions    |    On 6 Continents     |    In 42 Countries

Our mission is to reach – and heal – the sick and hurting throughout the world.
About us

Healing Through Experience. Connecting Through

Spiritual & Physical Ministry

Volunteers in Medical Missions (VIMM) is a team of compassionate, faith-driven physicians, nurses and other volunteers that provide spiritual and physical care to our sick and hurting brothers and sisters.

Our generous volunteers and donors give them hope, faith and the assurance that God is with them – always.


Through the generous support of our volunteers and donors, VIMM provides care, healing and love to thousands across the globe. Since 1986, VIMM has completed missions in on six continents and 42 countries and built seven medical clinics.


Our VIMM volunteers are beyond special – and extremely diverse. From physicians to nurses to support staff, volunteers are one of several lifelines – donating their time and life-saving skills to help those who need it most.


In addition to our volunteers, through generous donations, VIMM is able to provide medicine, supplies and equipment to clinics throughout the world, allowing those in need to receive the care they need – and deserve.


$25 provides a three-month blood pressure medication supply for 11 patients.

$50 provides a remote village with two Sawyer water filters, purifying 1.800 liters of water per day.

$75 ensures that 22 expectant mothers have prenatal vitamins for one trimester.

$100 pays two Village Health Workers (VHW) for one month in Honduras and Haiti.



VIMM clinics provide a valuable service – performing checkups and care to individuals. For many, this is their first experience receiving professional medical care, improving – and even saving – lives. With your priceless gift, VIMM is able to return that gift, ensuring they receive the healthcare – and hope – they deserve.

$250 Half-Day Clinic Sponsorship

$500 Full-Day Clinic Sponsorship

$2,500 One-Week Clinic Sponsorship

VIMM Medical Volunteers Serving Woman in Dire Medical Need
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