Volunteers In Medical Missions

Peru Ayacucho

Cost: $2,300

Leader: Dr. Lindsey Clarke and Kimberle Deller

The team will depart Atlanta and fly into Lima on August 23rd, 2018. The team will then travel a short distance to the South America Mission guest house where they will spend the night. The next day they will travel back to the airport for the short flight to Ayacucho (eight hours by bus). The first day in Ayacucho the team will travel north to Huanta where the team will be staying. They will spend this time getting adjusted to the high altitude (9,000 ft) and packing medicines. The clinics will begin the following day.

We anticipate using five clinic sites and having 5 days of clinics. This trip will also have an evangelistic component and will be bringing a small group from a local church in Lima to work as counselors for those treated at the clinic site. The purpose of the outreach is twofold: we will display mercy through the use of medicine and work with the local pastors to see various mission works established and/or strengthened in nearby communities.

The weather is mild (40-70 F) and team members should bring jackets and dress in layers. It is also recommended to have sun screen and sun glasses handy. We anticipate seeing approximately 300 persons per day with many disorders. Minor surgeries, injections for arthritis of all joints and routine acute medical care will be rendered.


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