Volunteers In Medical Missions

Peru- Trujillo

Early Estimated Trip Cost: $2,725 --- Team Members Needed

Leader: Kirby Phillips and Dr. Gary Goforth

The team will depart Atlanta on Saturday, September 29 and will arrive in Lima around 11:35 PM. The team will then take an in-country flight from Lima to Trujillo. Medical clinics will be held in local churches, in various parts of the city as the team ministers to the physical and spiritual needs. Trujillo is a coastal city located in northern Peru with a population of about 1 million people. The city has recently experienced its worst weather in the last two decades. Deadly floods and mudslides have destroyed houses, schools, and hospitals. Public hospitals are saturated with people needing medical attention, causing a shortage in medicines and providers. Trujillo was founded in 1355 and has a rich history. One day of the trip will be devoted to sightseeing in the Trujillo area.

Dr. Gary Goforth is the Founding Program Director for the family medicine residency program sponsored by the Florida State University College of Medicine and lives in Fort Myers, FL with his wife, Kathy. He has led over 40 VIMM trips and from 2008-2009 served as a VIMM sponsored missionary in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is a current VIMM board member and has previously served as board chairman and as an advisory board member. Kirby Phillips has participated in 17 VIMM trips including leading 7 VIMM teams to Haiti, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Sri Lanka. He is a current VIMM board member. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and as a missionary in Haiti. In 2016 he went to Trujillo, Peru with the Gideons International where he participated in an International Scripture Blitz where 225,000 copies of Godís Word were distributed in the Trujillo area. While there he met the hosts of this medical mission.


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