Volunteers In Medical Missions

Village Health Care Worker Introduction

Volunteers in Medical Missions is a short-term medical mission outreach with long-term goals. Our desire is to partner with believers in cross-cultural settings who are making disciples and to use our medical experience and resources to display mercy and help promote the expansion of the gospel in those areas.

In the Village Health Worker (VHW) program a person living in a remote and medically isolated community is elected by his peers and trained by a local physician to handle basic but potentially serious illnesses. These illnesses would include pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, dengue, meningitis, anemia, fever, UTI, URI, ear infections, GI parasites and asthma. The medical supplies are donated – currently through the Watson Foundation in Texas.

This outreach is monitored by a local physician and periodic audits are conducted through visiting VIMM team physicians. The VHW is paid $50 per week or more depending on experience. The program is now in place and is functioning in three remote Honduran village clusters with the real possibility of adding a fourth. Prior to the initiation of this program the only medical help available to those living in these areas were the yearly visits of the VIMM teams. They are now provided with regular care and the VIMM teams, working with the local Church of God pastor, can now reach further into the unreached interior of the mountains of Honduras.

The needs are clear; salaries are needed to retain competent VHWs, fees charged for the entrance of the medical supplies into the country must be covered, the transportation of the supplies to the mountains need to be funded and the community contact (Pastor Victor Gomez) needs to have his expenses for logistics reimbursed. There are also expenses involved in the training of the VHWs and funds will be needed for the purchase of additional medical supplies as the Watson Foundation only covers children up to the age of twelve.

These expenses could be divided between churches or individuals but each church or individual will receive updates on the progress of the community, names of individual leaders as well as pictures and video as available of those involved.

We are dealing with needs that are almost beyond our comprehension. Most of the country is living in abject poverty which is made worse by the disparity between the rich and the poor. Please pray with us for the VHW initiative and consider the possibility of supporting this outreach. Some might be able to adopt a village while others might be able to fund some aspect of the program such as the education of the VHW. If you would like more information about this program or a presentation of the possibilities in your church, please contact the VIMM office.