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In 1986, two young doctors received a calling from God – to personally offer healthcare services at no charge to impoverished and desperate individuals living in third-world countries.

Since their first trip, VIMM has substantially grown, completing 360 successful missions and providing medical and dental care to over half a million of our brothers and sisters.

Their faith in Christ continues to guide VIMM and its mission – serving God by serving others.


VIMM is a team of compassionate, faith-driven physicians, nurses and other volunteers dedicated to providing spiritual and physical care to our sick and hurting brothers and sisters across the globe.

Our volunteer medical professionals and support teams provide imperative and often life-saving treatments and procedures to those who need it most – and for many, VIMM missions are their lifeline.

Whether you’re a medical professional or someone interested in exploring the world while making a difference, please join our team of volunteers, today. With your help, we are changing the world – one person at a time.


To encourage love and fellowship.

To promote a loving, compassionate, faith-based approach in treating patients throughout the world.

To be inclusive of all volunteers, including individuals who may not have medical experience, but other gifts like construction, teaching, spreading the word of God and other skills.

To provide much-needed medicine, supplies and equipment to third-world clinics, ensuring care for its communities.

To provide international public health information designed to educate and save lives.

To recruit faith-based individuals with a higher calling to join VIMM and share their precious gifts to help others.

To identify, initiate, develop and implement medical mission products to communities throughout the world.

To fundraise and procure much-needed funds and resources through individuals, churches, corporations and foundations who share our belief that together, we can change the world.

How do we make a difference?


Since we cannot always physically be there, one of VIMM’s most valuable initiatives is to continue to provide medical care to the villages and barrios where we have established relationships and earned trust with natives/locals/villagers.


VIMM hosts Village Health Worker (VHW) programs located in Haiti and Honduras.


Haiti has seven VHWs who are paid monthly stipends funded through individual donor support. This team serves approximately 1,300 patients in remote villages each month. These individuals are members of the local and surrounding villages that have been instructed by VIMM affiliated doctors and nurses to sustain our mission.


VHWs are trained in First Care and are capable of treating a myriad of illness, including chronic and acute conditions, injuries, aches, and pains.


VHWs are supervised by local native doctors and refer patients when necessary.

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