Peru September 2019

Sep. 13 2019 — Sep. 22 2019

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Lima, Peru
Gary Goforth
Estimated Trip Cost

Peru September 2019

Sep. 13 2019 — Sep. 22 2019


Early Estimated Trip Cost: $2,430; $2,930 with sightseeing trip to Machu Picchu

The team will depart Atlanta and fly into Lima on September 13th. The arrival in Lima will be around 11:30 PM and close to mid-night when the group passes through customs. They will then board a small bus to travel to a hotel on the northern Coast of Lima in the area of Ancon.
The following morning the 14 of September (Saturday) the team will organize meds and have a combined lunch and get to know you meeting. The first clinic will begin AFTER lunch and will conclude in the evening.

This trip will also have an evangelistic component made up of a team from a local church in Lima and the city of Chiclayo. The purpose of the outreach is to display mercy and to strengthen the outreach of local evangelical churches in the area. The Peruvian component will be comprised of cooks, helpers, translators and counselors. We would anticipate seeing 200 patients daily and to have 5 days of clinic. This area is cold and damp and the land is rocky and sandy. The result is a lot of respiratory illnesses, colds, skin problems, parasites, and due to poor diet, a lot of gastritis.

15 of September (Sunday) will include a time of worship and the second day of clinic.
16 of September – September 18 (Monday – Wednesday) are full clinic days and will all be held in the Ventanilla and Puente Piedra area of Lima. These are primarily shanty towns (in Spanish “pueblos jovenes” or “asentamiento humano”)

19 of September (Thursday) – the team will be flying into Cusco early in the morning, and will head straight to sacred valley to acclimate there prior to Machu Picchu as we don't have time to acclimate in Cusco. Ollantaytambo is located about 2 hours north of Cusco. This is a tourist area and will provide a good setting for a team meeting. Cusco has an altitude of about 11,100 feet but Machu Picchu is 8,000 feet - one of the 7 Wonders of the World.
20 of September (Friday) - Leave early for Machu Picchu and return late in the afternoon.
21 of September (Saturday) – In the morning we would leave Ollantaytambo and return to Cusco to catch a flight back to Lima arriving in the late afternoon. You would probably stay at the airport and catch your return flight to the States which would leave around mid-night or 1:00 AM
22 of September (Sunday) Arrive in Atlanta in the morning.
The team will be led by Dr. Gary Goforth an experience team leader.

Lima, Peru

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